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F.A.C.S. University Entrepreneurship Summit

The F.A.C.S. University Entrepreneurship Summit is a multi-city tour with stops in Atlanta, Detroit, and Washington, D.C., featuring some of the most prolific women entrepreneurs in modern history. This groundbreaking tour places highly distinguished women entrepreneurs on one stage for a two day lecture and learn summit designed to motivate, educate, and foster entrepreneurial success, while providing unprecedented resources and networking opportunities. The F.A.C.S University Entrepreneurship Summit is designed to carry female business owners to the next level.

Mary Parker – Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and self-made millionaire, in 2001 Mary founded ALL N ONE Security in the kitchen of her home with only one employee, herself. Today, ALL N ONE employs a staff of more than 200 individuals. Under her leadership, this firm has blossomed into a multi-million-dollar enterprise specializing in Security Technology, Personal Security, and Traffic Control. Her company is a nationally certified African-American, full-service, female owned security firm with offices in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Africa. Ms. Parker’s company has worked side-by-side with the United States Secret Service to protect President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Mary is the author of the insightful literary gem, “The Chick iIn Charge: Life Lessons, Business Principles, & Inspirational Tools for Optimum Success.” This book is a necessary life tool that infuses the challenges, triumphs, and obstacles in her life to evoke the fire of purpose, vision, and perseverance in the lives of women and entrepreneurs. This book guarantees to change all areas and aspects of life for the better. With an accomplished, educated, and impressive resume of monumental successes that are notable and numerousA national business mogul, history-making entrepreneur, and global model for womanhood, Mary is changing the world with a global mission of women entrepreneurship, empowerment. Her powerful leadership style, awe-inspiring business accomplishments, and humble background are seamlessly woven together to develop F.A.C.S. University, a holistic incubation program that carries female entrepreneurs from ideation to implementation and ultimately business success.

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It was one part vision and two parts passion that brought Founder and CEO, Dana Spinola, to leave corporate America to pursue her dream of owning a clothing boutique. Her vision was a boutique where everyone could afford to feel beautiful which meant high style with heart, no attitude or sticker shock. Her concept of fashion under $100 without sacrificing quality and ensuring priceless, first class customer service has paved the way for Fab’rik’s success.

For Dana, giving back is just as important as leading this company. She founded free Fab’rik, a nonprofit organization that provides free shopping sprees for girls who need it most. Weekly, het team and volunteers visit safe houses to minister to the girls and host a fashion show. The mission is much more about the conversations has and confidence built during those sprees, as Dana truly believes clothing can truly change lives! While she sits at the head of both the franchise and nonprofit, her most challenging yet rewarding job is being a mom to her four children – three boys and a beautiful daughter she and het family adopted in 2014.

A seasoned and successful entrepreneur, her sound business skills allowed Dana to begin franchising Fab’rik in 2006., with the hope of allowing others the opportunity to live out their dream of having their own boutique. Now, in just 14 years since it all began there are over 40 locations nationwide, making Fab’rik a leading fashion franchise. In joining the Fab’rik family

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One of America’s most inspiring and profound speakers of our day, Judge Penny Brown Reynolds’ life work includes social justice advocacy, legal expert, entrepreneur, former jurist, mediator, and public theologian. Selected as one of America’s leading intellectuals by CNN and Essence Magazine, Judge Reynolds is a former prosecutor, state Assistant Attorney General, first African American Chief of Staff and legal counsel to Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor. With impressive track record as an entrepreneur, she has touched millions of people with her internationally syndicated daytime television court series, Family Court with Judge Penny, receiving an Emmy award nomination for her work on the series.

Judge Brown Reynolds is President and CEO of Divine Destiny Enterprises, LLC and the founder of a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening families, women, youth and children and providing a voice for the poor. The author of several books, My Mother Told Me, 7 Steps to Peace of Mind, and Real Talk for Real Sisters.  She also co-authored, Women and the Law: A Guide to Women’s Legal Rights in Georgia, and has several published articles, including an article appearing in the Huffington Post. Judge Brown Reynolds newest book will be released in the spring of 2017.As an ordained minister, Judge Brown Reynolds provides a unique and inspiring prophetic preaching and speaking style where she unapologetically confronts today’s challenging issues often ignored.

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"The F.A.C.S. Program is a game changer. F.A.C.S. is designed to help business owners thrive and grow. From start to finish, Mary Parker hands-out the keys to the game of success.”

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