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Women Matter

The data is in and women entrepreneurs are changing the business paradigm globally at an alarming pace. Women-owned businesses are growing 60% faster than the number of companies run by men. Female entrepreneurs and business leaders thrive when they are provided tools for critical thinking and problem solving.

Forward thinking business industry leaders are revamping their marketing efforts to reflect the growing economic power of women. What does this mean for you? The F.A.C.S. University Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit affords female entrepreneurs and corporate partners the opportunity to support the global initiative to empower women in business. Join us as a Summit participant or sponsor deserving women to gain the skills they need to be successful in business through our two-day Summit and networking event.


"The F.A.C.S. Program is a game changer. F.A.C.S. is designed to help business owners thrive and grow. From start to finish, Mary Parker hands-out the keys to the game of success.”

Jessica Manning Jessica Manning PR