F.A.C.S. University

Class Training

Taught by a self-made millionaire, philanthropist, and global business owner, F.A.C.S. University offers the most comprehensive cyber entrepreneurial training program available covering a wide array of topics and strategies designed to ensure the success of business owners. All classroom instruction is led by Mary H. Parker with special guest instruction by industry experts who have mastered their specific area of content.

In a busy world, the benefits of a cyber classroom are countless. Our virtual classroom provides up-to-date information delivered by industry experts; in-depth training on the topics you need to grow your business; interactive learning experiences; engaging conversation; and, the opportunity to reflect, refocus, analyze, and move forward progressively in your business with educational insight and a network of fellow entrepreneurs and professionals to provide the support you need


"The F.A.C.S. Program is a game changer. F.A.C.S. is designed to help business owners thrive and grow. From start to finish, Mary Parker hands-out the keys to the game of success.”

Jessica Manning Jessica Manning PR